Schedule of Services for the Weekend of the Ordination

Saturday, October 17

6:00 pm: Vigil

Sunday, October 18

9:00 am: Hierarchical Divine Liturgy & Ordination

Note: Due to the nature of the Hierarchical services, it is important to arrive before 9am, as there may be portions of the service where you will not be able to enter the main church due to the nature of the services and space constraints, and therefore may miss more than anticipated if you arrive late.

1:30 pm: Luncheon at Luigi’s Restaurant 

Approx. 3:00 pm (after the luncheon ends): Open House at the Slone Family’s Home. During this time the Metropolitan plans to speak to the parish as a whole.

*Maps to the Luncheon & Slone Home will be provided on Sunday morning after services.

7:00 pm: Vigil

Monday, October 19

8:00 am: Divine Liturgy

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